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Versatile, full sized and fully featured top of the Baby Jogger range model, the City Elite delivers a confident performance from birth to...well...when your child doesn't need a pushchair anymore !

This is a not a 'compact' pushchair with limited accommodation which your child will outgrow before they are ready to get out, although on the other hand it is surprising how compact it folds down to, ready to put in your car. To be fair it is perhaps less well suited for jumping on and off buses as the 'cut down' versions. The City Elite is similar to the earlier budget City Classic model but with plusher fabrics (the sort you can hear 'swish' when they move), some more thoughtfully designed features like the raised kicker seat extension, and classy finishing touches like the magnetic closures on the sun hood peep hole window - the Baby Jogger City Elite will impress you from the moment you take it put of the box...especially at this price !

Highly manoeuvrable with a swivel front wheel the City Elite is primarily designed for the urban user around town, but the 12" wheels will tackle moderate 'off tarmac' forays - few parents are exclusively a town user or a countryside user only, so you can be reassured that the City Elite will be OK when out of it's usual urban environment. If the going gets really rough (e.g. a deeply rutted bridle path) or when traversing a slope, then you can lock the front wheel to stop it swivelling although if you want to do this regularly and with ease then the Summit XC model may be better suited for you.

...and then there's the puncture proof wheels...but you can read the details below for yourself, the underlying ethos is about delivering a solution which works, and with style.

You can use from birth with the seat fully reclined, with a carrycot fitted or a car seat. As you would expect from Baby Jogger you get as standard a reassuringly solid frame and a range of features which never fail to impress and which outshine some other manufacturers models with price tags almost double !

raised kicker seat extension

I know what you're thinking...what is a 'kicker ?

The Baby Jogger City Elite seat base can be extended by raising the kicker plate - the section which is between the seat and the footplate - to create a continuous flat surface 17" (43cm) deep. This is ideal for the younger baby or sleeping toddler whose legs would overhang the standard seat and be unsupported when the seat is reclined for them to sleep.

The kicker is secured down by velcro - it would be easy to overlook it and not know that this facility exists !

To operate, simply lift the kicker and rest the kicker support frame on the footplate then secure velcro strap at rear of footplate. Note the support frame is not a flimsy affair but rather a sturdy metal rod. The Baby Jogger City Elite can be folded with the Kicker Raised.

It is easy to operate and constructed with substance, i.e. it will be effective and not one of those added extras which won't last.

swivel or locked front wheel

The front wheel can be changed quickly between swivelling and locked mode - simply shift the lever to the desired operation.

In swivel mode the pushchair is highly manoeuvrable - best for smooth/flat surfaces (around town) where lots of sharp turns are required.

In locked mode the pushchair is less susceptible to deflection by rough ground or veering downhill - best for very rough surfaces (off road) or when traversing sloping ground. The City Elite front wheel locks underneath the pushchair, it may help when on seriously rugged terrain but will make the steering a bit heavier.

front wheel suspension

The front fork wheel mounting system incorporates an effective but robust suspension system.

It is the leading (front) wheel which causes the most abrupt jarring for the occupant upon impact with an obstacle (object, hollow or bump). Absorbing that impact improves the ride quality and reduces deflection of the pushchair from it's course.

adjustable handlebar

Adjustable to a maximum height of 117cm (46") to satisfy the tallest parent but can be lowered in seconds - simply press the button on each side and fold down to a lower position.

The handlebar is your connection with the pushchair, it is how you control the pushchair so it is important that the pressure you apply translates directly into the action you want...a sloppy handlebar with lots of movement is unpleasant and unhelpful.

The Baby Jogger adjustable handlebar is firm, precise and inspires confidence.

City Elite Quick Fold Mechanism

Folding a Baby Jogger City Elite is easy ! one handed !

Inside the seat is a strap handle bearing the word 'FOLD', this operates the folding system.

For extra security when the pushchair is in use, operation of the folding strap handle is disabled by two grey safety straps which clip simply onto the frame.

To fold the pushchair detach the grey safety straps (one on each side) and pull up the 'FOLD' handle. Note the pushchair folds instantly and for the inexperienced perhaps a little too fast ! it is best to 'follow through' as you pull the handle to lift the pushchair completely from the floor.

To erect the pushchair lift up the rear handle until the frame clicks into place and re-fix the grey safety straps.

Click to watch the Baby Jogger City Elite Demo Video  or see the Baby Jogger City Elite User Manual

Quick Release Wheels

Front and rear, yes all round... not just the rear wheels.

The front fork and wheel assembly is a single unit which can be removed with ease and simplicity from the main frame by a quick release system - press the release lever remove wheel downwards, off the pivot pin. To mount the front wheel simply apply the front fork to the pivot pin, push and it automatically clicks on.

On the rear axle is a release button for the wheel wheel press the release button and pull out the wheel (holding the wheel by the centre hub rather than the tyre makes it easier and keeps your hand cleaner !). To mount the wheel simply re-insert the axle and push until you hear it 'click' into place, then give the wheel a tug - just to double check it is securely locked in.

Removing the wheels makes it more compact when folded for storage and transportation, and lighter to lift. It can also help reduce the transfer of dirt from the wheels to the inside of your car.

Dual Rear Parking Brake

Both rear wheels have parking brakes operated by a lever mounted on the side of the frame near by the sun hood. Pull the lever up to apply the brake, the lever operates a cable which projects a metal rod into cog on each rear wheel. Note that because the two wheels are not synchronised the metal brake rod may be correctly aligned on one wheel but not the other so it is helpful to rock the pushchair slightly while applying the brake.

To release the parking brake return the lever back down to it's original position BUT this cannot be done without de-activating a safety catch - very simple to a responsible adult but complicated for a child.

Note. The BabyJogger City Elite also has a safety wrist strap.

Reclining Seat

The seat can be reclined to almost flat. Padded for comfort, with five point harness including shoulder harness height adjustment.

To lower the seat pinch the clamp and slide it DOWN the strap the seat back will now rest on the strap in this lower position - either at it's maximum recline or whatever angle you require.

To raise the seat pinch the clamp and slide it UP the strap the seat back will now rest on the strap in the higher position.

The back panel of the Baby Jogger City Elite seat is a mesh/netting fabric to permit good ventilation whilst avoiding exposure to most insects or cats. For protection from the weather - wind rain snow or sun ! Baby Jogger have built in a cover.

The cover is elasticated - so it will fit regardless of the angle the seat is reclined to and when not in use it is neatly rolled up and held out of the way.


The Baby Jogger City Elite has a reasonable sized basket for storage under the pushchair seat plus a netting compartment on the back of the seat and a 'parent console' immediately in front of the handlebar for those things which need to be easily accessible without rummaging around.

Puncture Proof Wheels

Punctures have long been a problem for parents, less so for Baby Jogger customers because for years they have fitted heavy duty Thorn Resistant Inner Tubes to their pushchairs. On the City Elite they have now gone one step further and fitted 'Forever Air' tyres - normal tyres filled with a special lightweight foam which imitates the suspension qualities of air-filled tyres...but with no risk of getting a flat tyre.

Long Warranty

Lifetime frame warranty for defects of materials or workmanship (not wear and tear, accidental damage, negligence or misuse). One year warranty on fabrics, wheels & brakes.

The Baby Jogger City Elite is currently available in the UK in two colours, note that the colours available in the UK may vary from those in the US, (click on an image to enlarge it)

Baby Jogger City Elite Black

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Baby Jogger City Elite Red

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Baby Jogger City Elite Sand


Baby Jogger City Elite Black & Charcoal


Baby Jogger City Elite Stone Sport


Baby Jogger City Elite Red Sport


We supply the Baby Jogger City Elite with a Rain Cover in all of our packages. There's a range of quality Baby Jogger accessories to customise your Baby Jogger City Elite.


You can use your Baby Jogger City Elite from birth with the standard seat fully reclined or by fitting the optional Carrycot which converts your Baby Jogger into a 'pram' for the first few months. You can also fit a Maxi Cosi Car Seat onto the Carrycot Support Bracket.

There are now two models of carrycot, the Deluxe Carrycot includes a Maxi Cosi Car Seat Adaptor. It is best fitted having first removed the standard seat fabrics from the pushchair. The Deluxe Carrycot is slightly larger and plusher than the alternative Compact Carrycot which does not include a car seat adaptor but which is easier to fit onto the pushchair without removing the standard seat fabrics.

The Baby Jogger Carrycot Deluxe comes with a 'zip off' netting shade and we supply a separate Rain Cover.

The Baby Jogger Compact & Compact PLUS Carrycots do not have a netting shade and can use the pushchairs standard rain cover so they do not need a separate rain cover.

Everyone uses their pushchair differently so there is no hard and fast rule as to whether you should buy a carrycot but here are a few of the benefits parents typically want to enjoy:

lay flat position - health professionals recommend that new born babies should lay flat if possible

direct view of the baby - the carrycot is rear facing, you can see your baby and your baby can see you (once they can focus that far !)

less vulnerable position - higher and less accessible position protects from small children and dogs, unwelcome attention, unwanted germs, car fumes etc.

daytime 'travel bed' - use independent of the pushchair in the home, at friends or relatives as a mobile daytime cot(NOT for night time use - different regulations apply)

'portability' - carry your baby in the carrycot and do it securely with one hand

Fitting Instructions Single Carrycot & Car Seat Adaptor

Car Seat Adaptor

If you buy the carrycot then you will automatically be able to fit a Car Seat onto your Baby Jogger City Elite. If not then we can supply a separate Car Seat Adaptor.

The separate Car Seat Adaptors is quick fitting onto Universal Accessory Mounting Bracket (this differs slightly from the Car Seat Adaptor included with the Baby Jogger Deluxe Carrycot which clamps onto the frame lower down)


Suitable from birth with the seat in the reclined position and the front cover of the footmuff folded down, but generous enough to accommodate an older child to 3 years. Both you and your child will appreciate the benefit of not having to dress them up in several layers of clothing before going out.

But these aren't just for the coldest of winter days. On a fresh spring morning or at dusk on a summers evening it can be quite chilly for a child who isn't keeping warm by moving about.

This latest footmuff allows easy operating access to the pushchair fold strap.

Water Resistant Exterior
Machine Washable (do not tumble dry)

Drinks Holder (Liquid Holster)

The Liquid Holster clamps easily onto the pushchair frame where it is most convenient for you, the drinks holder part itself is detachable from the clamp if that makes it easier for you when the pushchair is folded and when mounted it pivots in one direction to reduce spills. Self adjusting grips hold almost all bottle and can sizes up to 800ml.

Belly Bar

Some children like to hold on to something while they ride, while for others it is a useful to have somewhere to attach toys so they don't get lost. The Baby Jogger Belly Bar fulfils both requirements

Clicks simply into the universal accessory mounting on your Bay Jogger City Elite pushchair and although very securely fitted it can be removed at the press of a button. The angle of the Belly Bar can be easily adjusted locking into one of eight preset positions. The bar is padded and although the fabric cover is 'wipe clean' can be zipped off for more thorough cleaning.

Child Tray

Somewhere to put your drink and a half eaten sandwich, a toy and a book, some crayons, that thing you found (which mum has now cleaned) and something you pinched from your sister ! what more could a toddler want.

And at the end of the day simply wash it down & sterilise ready for tomorrow.

Clicks simply into the universal accessory mounting on your Baby Jogger City Elite pushchair and although very securely fitted it can be removed at the press of a button OR unlock one end and it pivots out of the way - it does not have to be removed to get out of the pushchair.

Travel Bag

Custom made for the Baby Jogger pushchairs the Travel Bags are particularly useful when going on holiday.

The Travel Bag has internal compartments for the wheels, it is made of durable fabric and protects from knocks and scratches while also being stylish luggage with extra space to pack other kit.

Note that although it will protect against minor knocks and bumps it is a soft bag and cannot protect your pushchair from being crushed, e.g. in an aircraft hold. When flying we recommend that you get the pushchair as close as possible to the aircraft steps so that it goes on top of the luggage

There is also a range of additional accessories we have selected over a number of years with to further customise your Baby Jogger City Elite, the most popular of which are:

Lambskin Stroller Fleece

Luxury - 100% Natural Lambskin shorn to an even pile for comfort and ease of use (fewer tangles). Made from a single Lambskin Fleece, this is not a patchwork fleece and not a short fleece with separate head piece.

Fits the Baby Jogger City Elite Seat it has holes at three levels for the shoulder harness straps. It fits the standard seat or the carrycot, warm & cosy in cold weather while in hot weather it absorbs perspiration releasing it into the air to help that your child stays dry & comfortable. Lambskin fleece soothes & calms infants and toddlers.

Shade-a-Babe UV Sun Shade

These days we are much better informed about the long term harmful effects of the sun's rays... as well as the short term discomfort ! A baby's skin is more sensitive to sunlight than our own and needs protection.

The Shade-a-Babe UV Sun Shade reduces UV by between 70% and 90% (Sun Visor position cuts glare by 99%). Although the Baby Jogger City Elite sun hood is generously large this can only protect against direct overhead light, the Shade-a-Babe Protects against reflected light from water (inc. snow) or light/concrete surfaces, and which can be a significant problem.

Acts also as an insect net and cat net, shields from blustery winds and protects against light showers with easy access 'Zip n Go' front panel.

Head Hugger

Useful when a baby first moves up from the carrycot to the standard seat as the shoulder harness straps may pass irritatingly close to their ears, a head hugger can correct this by concealing the excess strap which is above the baby's shoulders.


Baby Jogger City Elite Specifications

Length (max) 119 cm (47")
Handle Height Adjustable (max) 117 cm (46")
Width 69.5 cm (27.5")
Seat Width 35.5 cm (14")
Seat Depth 24 cm (9.5")
Seat Depth inc 'kicker' 43 cm (17")
Seat to Footplate 23 cm (9")
Seat Back 53 cm (21")
Maximum Head Height 66 cm (26")
Weight 12.2 kg (26 lbs)
Max Load Child, Europe EN1888 15 kg (33 lbs) US - 34 kg (75 lbs)
Recommended Tyre Pressure 20 psi 0.7 bar

folded wheels on

Length 81 cm (32")
Height 33 cm (13")
Width 69.5 cm (27.5")

folded wheels off

Length 70 cm (27.5")
Height 27 cm (10.5")
Width 51.5 cm (20.5")
Weight 8 kg (17 lbs)

Additional Notes

We supply mainly in the UK but we often deliver to other European countries however there are additional payment and warranty issues which need to be discussed first, please contact us at:


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